Friday, 19 August 2011

The King is dead... Long live the King

Isn’t it great how children can use imagination and play to give form to their experiences? Children still surprise us in the way they interpret the world around us. Sometimes it matches our interpretation, often not.
When asked to pretend to be thirsty, some children will drop dead from thirst immediately, others beg for a drink bottle, and some enjoy the process of just crawling on the floor in search of water.
An invitation to act out being a King or Queen can be met by having your head chopped off in the first 10 seconds, having to be their servant, or to having a chat about how great they are. There are fewer inhibitions, and children tend to act the bits they want to act, rather than being worried what others might think or do.
Some adults need a bit of time to adjust to the fact they can be ‘silly’ or allow themselves to enjoy play. Boundaries we place on ourselves might need to be overcome. (Why are they there?) Giving form to events in your life is important to maintain a sense of sanity and control. Finding a way to do this is very personal. Drama therapy can be a form which meets those needs, when talking, simply isn’t doing the trick.

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