Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Introducing Drama Therapy

Welcome to our new weekly updated blog about drama therapy.
As drama therapy is relatively unknown in New Zealand we decided to make our blog , so drama therapists and people with an interest in using its techniques in New Zealand, and overseas can contribute and share ideas.
As a quick introduction: We are from Wellington, New Zealand, where we work as drama therapists.
We have experience in a diversity of fields, using drama therapeutic and action methods. They include the disability sector (intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, Aspergers, Autism, brain injury), elderly sector (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Age Care), mental health sector (post traumatic stress, Depression, Psychosis and Neurosis) and we also use our skills in clinical supervision, management training and team building.
In our weekly updates we will talk about different techniques we use in the different settings/sectors. For example, projective techniques (like masks and puppets) psychodrama with people who have cognitive difficulties, slowing down the deterioration in people suffering dementia, and which techniques we found most successful.
We would also love to hear about your experiences in using drama processes when working with your client-base.

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